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Poker Club Bonus Program called Club24 ensures that you are always playing with a bonus. All you need to do in order to become a member of the program is to Join Through VIPRAKERS with one of our Bonuscodes and earn a single Player Point. You will then start out as a Bet24 Rookie, and from there you advance through the 16 levels of the program – the higher level you reach, the better bonuses you will have.

The Monthly Levels

Your monthly level is based on the amount of player points you have earned during the past 30 days. Your level is updated each day, and below you can see how many player points you have to earn in order to qualify for each level.

Monthly Level Points Required You receive
Club24 Rookie 1 $1 for every 40 Player Points
Club24 Junior Gambler 50 $1 for every 39 Player Points
Club24 Senior Gambler 150 $1 for every 37 Player Points
Club24 Bronze 500 $2 for every 64 Player Points
Club24 Silver 1000 $3 for every 81 Player Points
Club24 Gold 2000 $5 for every 115 Player Points
Club24 Platinum 4000 $10 for every 186 Player Points
Club24 Diamond 6000 $10 for every 162 Player Points

The Yearly VIP Levels

The very best bonuses are reserved for our most loyal customers, who have reached the yearly VIP levels.  In reaching them, the player points you have earned during the last 365 days are counted. A yearly level is always better than a monthly level, so if you are eligible for both a monthly and a yearly level, it is your yearly level that counts. You find the yearly levels below:

Yearly Level Points Required You receive
Level 1 VIP 15000 $10 for every 158 Player Points
Level 2 VIP 24000 $10 for every 150 Player Points
Level 3 VIP 36000 $10 for every 140 Player Points
Level 4 VIP 54000 $20 for every 240 Player Points
Level 5 VIP 72000 $30 for every 330 Player Points
Level 6 VIP 108000 $50 for every 500 Player Points
Level 7 VIP 168000 $100 for every 900 Player Points
Elite VIP 240000 $100 for every 810 Player Points

Q: How do I become a Club24 Member?

A: As soon as you have earned at least 1 Player Point in the last 30 days, you will automatically become a member.

Q: What are Player Points?

A: You earn Player Points by playing poker at Bet24. They are used to determine your Club24 Level, as well as to convert bonuses into cash.

Q: How often is my Loyalty Program status updated?

A: It is updated daily..