Poker Rakeraces continue at NoiQ

March is already half way but there are still plenty of promotions running at NoiQ Poker.

Between 17th and 24th of march will run another €35,000 Exclusive rakerace for NoiQ players only. You can win €4,000 extra just for playing one week! If you don’t like racing so much, dont worry. There are 150 payouts each week so you will still win some extra, just by playing poker online.

Raked hands race

If you play smaller limits you might want to take a part to €10,000 raked hand race. This is available for players in all limits. In total of 100 places paid in March and winner taking home €1,100 this is for sure the best entraction race there is available.

When registering through VIPRAKERS  you are automatically eligible for EXCLUSIVE VIP Rakerace just for special websites. There is total pricepool of $10,000 on top of all other promotions.

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