Rake & Rakeback

While playing poker online with real money a small fee, called “rake” is taken from each pot. If you are playing regulary, you might be paying thousands of Euros of rake every month.

This is why we offer you a deal that you will get back some of the rake you have paid, this service is called Rakeback.

There are different deals available and from VIP RAKERS you can find the most suitable Rakeback deal for you. Rakeback can be fixed % from the total rake you accumulate, for example 30% or 50% from your rake, or you can be attached in a special VIP programm that gives you different benefits from cash to gadgets and tournament tickets.

With our special deals you can earn hundresds if not even thousands of Euros every month just by playing poker.

Take a look into our Special deals and pick the most suitable for you. If you have any questions about the deals do not hesitate to contact our support for more information.

Big raker? VIP Rakers is specialiced to offer VIP deals to big rakers, check out our partner sites and ask for special deal. There is plenty of good VIP deals and rakeraces available for serious grinders..

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